The Care Certificate from Unison

The care certificate will ensure that minimum standards of training are met before any health or social care member is allowed to work without direct supervision in England.  Covering 15 areas of competency this certificate will provide a benchmark of introductory training and will minimise the need for organisations to repeat training. During the roll-out stage health and social care organisations are expected to focus on ‘new starters, new to care work’ however many may benefit from assessing their existing staff in the same way.

As the certificate is not yet mandatory this may cause some disruption in the health and social care industry. The associated training may become an additional cost to responsible organisations that already provide training, meaning that competitors that do not provide the training can undercut them on price, especially in a tender process. This calls for authorities to prioritise organisations who engage with the care certificate during the tender process. Further to this, some care organisations fear that staff may become demotivated if they are unable to complete the training necessary which may add to the already high staff turnover rate of the industry. The full report is available below.

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