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Znanie Assocation Bulgaria

The Centre for Vocational Training in Znanie is an especially established unit for training of adults – continuous training and qualification, and life long acquisition of skills. It provides initial and continuing vocational training of young workers, the unemployed and the disabled.


The main target groups are:
– People with disabilities, minorities and socially excluded people.
– People with low qualification levels, the long-time unemployed, young graduates and mothers after baby care.
– Also administrative and managerial staff of educational institutions, SMEs and NGOs

Amongst the priorities of the Centre are labour market analysis and qualification shortfalls, the provision of training courses internationally and the training of NGOs collaborators and volunteers.

Mariana Manukyan

Mariana has as a background in Psychology. She has been a member of the Management board for 16 years. In her role of President of the Association, she is responsible for reaching the strategic goals of the organization, overall management, financial stability and long-term planning.

Valentina Georgieva

Valentina has a background in Economical sociology. For 12 years she has been responsible for the international relations, development, implementation and realization of EU co-funded projects. Fund-raising and exploitation of new ideas is among her key responsibilities. During the years Valentina has coordinated national level projects in the area of VET, general education and inter-cultural relationships. She has been Project manager of international ESF projects related to family business training. Valentina is also the Executive Secretary of the Association and has been a member of the Management board for 8 years. Apart from the coordination and management work, Valentina has performed as a trainer in business courses, for example valuing inter-cultural diversity and soft skills for labour market trainings.

Tsvetelina Krasteva 

Tsvetilina has a degree in Accountancy and Control. She is experienced an accountant with 7 years of practice being responsible for financial reporting on different national and international projects and programmes, e.g PHARE, LLL, LLP, ESF.