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The EAS 28 ” Ortonese ” is the public entity representing 9 municipalities for the management, design and implementation of social activities and social-health integration. The nine municipalities belonging to the EAS 28 are Ortona as the coordinating organisation, Orsogna, Crecchio, Tollo, Filetto, Giuliano Teatino, Canosa Sannita and Poggiofiorito Arielli. The activities carried out are defined in detail in the EAS28 Area Plan (in Italian Piano di Zona or PdZ) which lasts three years after the approval of the Abruzzi Region in accordance with the guidelines of the Regional Social Plan.

The EAS, in general, is the entity that performs the integration of social and health care in order to:

• Avoid unnecessary duplication of intervention.
• Achieve the necessary coordination of actions taken on the same territory.
• Optimize the available economic and professional resources.

The most important areas of intervention of the EAS No. 28 are the following:

  • Children and Families
  • Elderly people
  • The disabled
  • Immigrants
  • Social Services

Mrs. Hoxha Dasantila

As the coordinator of the immigrant area, Tila has worked since 2006 at the EAS28 of Ortona with skills nell’ambto of cultural mediation. Living in a community where immigrants are more 10 % of the population, Dasantila works at the service centre of Ortona offering the migrant population counselling, mediation and guidance. She worked for the EAS28 in the project ” Women now visible ” close to the City of San Salvo – coordinating the organisation of the project. From 2013 she collaborates with Mrs. Paolini to promote projects that support the concept of citizenship involving not only immigrants but all the local community .

Fabiana Rocchi

Supervisor of Social Services, Graduate in Economy and Business Administration at the University of Rome and having a Master in EU Project Management, Fabiana Rocchi has more than 12 years of experience in EU Projects and recently she started to work with the Ortona Local Council to promote EU initiatives at a local level. In this project, she will coordinate the activities of the Italian organization, supporting the project team involved in the project, facilitating the communication inside the consortium and assisting the administrative team to accomplish the financial aspects requested by the project.

Paola Paolini

Has been the technical coordinator of EAS28 from 2013, Paula is responsible for the development and implementation of the program guidelines provided by the Area Plan (PdZ) . She is responsible for the preparation of projects, their implementation and subsequent phases of monitoring and evaluation. Before this appointment, Paola played a responsible position at the Center for Employment of Ortona, dealing with work integration of disadvantaged users.