A Successful Co-Researcher Training Session at the Znanie Association

The training of the Co-researchers in Sofia took place in Znanie’s office with 3 participants – two professionally engaged with caring (former employees of the Social and Healthcare system, now retired and working as caregivers) and one who is taking care for family members.

Two people from Znanie were present – Valentina Georgieva, project manager and Vasilena Simova, researcher.
The discussion around the topic “My ideal carer” was supported by using of Ketso method.

The three participants agreed around three very important features that the “ideal carer” should posses:

• To be a good person – this is the starting point, the most important one. To be a good carer one should love people. If they don’t love people, no matter what training they are provided it wouldn’t help;
• To have relatively high level of education/wide interests. To be able to discuss different topics, to be a good companion, to behave properly;
• To behave in professional manner – to keep the distance between the carer and the client, to use plastic gloves, to know their rights and to fulfill their obligations with self confidence and dignity. To be aware of the diseases/condition of the client and possible complications. To know what to do in case of emergency.

The third point was the room where they see the training must be focused and will help.
The atmosphere of friendliness, openness and good will to cooperate could be felt during the session. A lot of experience, many examples and positive attitude fulfilled the room. Ketso model was welcomed; two of the participants were aware of it and found it very useful and appropriate, as well as pleasant to be applied.